Entry #23

What would I ever do without you guys?!

2015-06-11 04:34:31 by Rukkus

Hey everyone,

So I've kind of been on a hiatus from making music lately, especially after just graduating from college and trying to get the rest of my life started. However, I have not walked away from music production. There's still plently of unfinished projects chilling in my folders and I certainly aim to get them released and into your ears! 

In the meantime, I've also noticed that my exposure has increased significantly over the past few months due to the popularity of that game Geometry Dash, Open Hexagon, and a bunch of other indie video games. Honesty, it's a very humbling experience to gain so much support from all of you and I find it exciting to have my music featured in your games/videos. 

Due to the massive amounts of fan mail asking for permission to use my tracks, I just want to clarify that YES, you may absolutely use my music for your games and videos! Please just provide me with proper credit. 

Other than that, I just want to say thank you everyone for your encouragement and motivation. Without you, this hobby would be dead. But it's gratifying to know that my music brings joy to so many lives! Keep on jamming fam! Let's continue this journey together.

Keep up with me here:

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-Stephen (Rukkus, NIGHTkilla, Realistik)




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2016-08-25 14:06:45

Only 1 fan to 3000 at this moment. Congrats! xD


2016-09-02 01:16:58

You make the style of dubstep, just that i love



2016-09-04 07:15:01

When you say "unfinished projects" does that mean we might see a full version of songs such as Planet Ten?


2016-09-11 23:55:24

Love your music bro


2016-09-26 09:23:14

So, when Is the next upload going to be?


2016-10-13 15:14:02

Just wondering... Sorry if this is a stupid question but, will you ever do a collab with xtrullor?


2016-10-20 18:23:17

I Love your music. Nine circles was the first song i heard and i was screaming "OH MY GOD WHO THE HECK IS THIS DUBSTEP GOD?!?!" The rest of the songs made me proud. -TheDiamondGamer


2016-10-29 16:56:12

Are you dead?


2016-12-24 13:41:21

Please come back man! We love your music and are ears want more! Much Love <3 (P.S. My favorite is problematic)


2016-12-27 10:27:53

We Understand, Hope Your Back Soon!


2017-01-02 22:30:27


2017-02-23 20:11:27

I cant wait to use your new songs for geometry dash i love your music becuase your music is the first dubstep i had ever listened to and i loved it , by the way when you start making music again try to do collab with xtrullor, and dex arson, because i know it will be awsome


2017-03-04 11:50:10

i wish you would come back, you havent posted in a year


2017-04-20 04:45:09

Man,where are you?:(


2017-05-09 15:08:16

Where are you man?
Have you quit making music?


2017-06-07 06:51:05

Idk why but some of your songs have a bit of o creepy feel to them it might just be me going mad. Love your music. But one question, does proper crediting apply to gd( geometry dash) players and their levels using your songs. I wanted to know cus im a gd player and I might use one of your songs someday.


2017-08-08 16:48:03

Glad that you're back and thanks for giving permission to use your wonderful masterpieces in videos, games etc.

I think your popularity has grown ever since those Indie games (like you stated) and it is really astounding how many fans you have gained over time due to a simple song downloaded into Geometry Dash or Open Hexagon.

Don't listen to all the haters (doubt there will be) and focus on finishing those songs in your folder.


2017-08-14 20:26:21