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Be sure to check out my page on Facebook! Also, if you would like to use and of my music for videos/ games, feel free to do so without asking. Just properly credit me :)

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Comments (14)

Awesome has an 'e' in it. :P

Please enjoy the remainder of your twenty-four hour span of time.

Well, you deserve it! Positive Vibe is a great song!
(If I may ask, which VSTs did you use in making it?)

Oh man, i really need to keep up with my page. But if you are still curious, i use Nexus, Vanguard, Osc3x, and vengeance sound packs

u mean top 1

Have my metaphorical babies.

:O what happened to "Showdown" you should finish it!!! and congrats for top 30!!!

If U were wonderin' what I ment in my reveiw when I said 'other' themes of tetris (Witch U probably forgoten about by now), I ment That U just had tetris type 1 music and there's also 2 and 3 type tetris themes. got it? If U dont know them look on U-tube. If U dont want to do it, sure thing. I was just wondering if U wanted to try them out, thats all.

Cause Positive Vibe is amazing. You deserve it :)

"positive Vibe" is amazzing!!!!!!! 10 out of 10 ur a techo god!

As long as you keep making fantastic music you can expect to get great scores. You really deserved a top 30 spot for Positive Vibe; it was incredible. Cheers.

still loving the music. listen to "positive vibe" and "can't be still" everyday.

ps - the other artist was southwest statistic, but i only like two of their songs, and i love just about all of yours. so you're pretty much my favorite artist on here. lol.

keep up the great work!!


Lol thanks Kenny. I didn't know people could leave comments on this page. But i've also released a new song "Get Real". Check that out if you'd like. Hope you enjoy!

Hey man, is it cool if I make a quick remix of your "Space man" song? I thought it was super catchy, and I've already started one. I don't have to submit it if you dont want me too though :3

Also I started the remix and worked on it for like a half hour, if you wanted to listen to it you can, just IM me Daviecrocker196

Hey NIGHTkilla,
I'd been making a game,and no,it's a downloadable game,not flash.
Usually,i havent made the game yet,and im building up my crew and i need a sound maker,designers,animators,voicers,and testers.It's ok if you dont like to help,though.Although,your music is fantastic,and could be part in the game if you'll make some music,like a catchy toon,but not too loud though,cause that''l cover up the sound effects.And if you'd make some sound effects,like a sword swinging.Even though,i like youe sound.You've got a master piece talent of music.And that's very rare for people in this world.


So if that's a yes PM me.

yo change ur icon back to the skeleton foot with wings, it was beast, and keep up the good work, love the zombie nation remix