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Be sure to check out my page on Facebook! Also, if you would like to use and of my music for videos/ games, feel free to do so without asking. Just properly credit me :)

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Good for you friend!

Omg, not again :'( haha. like i said before, I'm really proud. you exploded since your techno posts last year o.o you make insane dubstep now. That fracture song is probably the third most phattest drop I ever heard! I posted it on my faceboook claymation page, haha, because i use your music fro animation :p. I need it! I really hope you GET FAMOUS! You improving faster than ever.

*Bows* To you sir, I hope many years of happy success. But alas, I can't seem to get to the new song! NOOOOU

Ah it's up on your purevolume page! EPIC

Cool! Im probably gonna get that album!!

if I was a done with education and full time job income I would buy your album!

Goodbye... not having new stuff on newgrounds will suck but ill probably buy your stuff...

And I think I have a solution, release normal songs and WIPs on NG, but make edited, extended and perfected versions to sell for the albums. Waterflame does that, and he still has a decent amount of fans on NG.

Dude I have listened to your stuff forever. Glad you didn't change to qubic or w/e you were trying to do there. You have always been my favorite song artist of this genre, I'm sure your albums will all sell great, as you are the greatest. Good luck, and I'll be listening to everything you make.

nice work on that recording deal

nooooooooooooooooooo its gonna be much harder to get more of ur music then just checking ng

I know this is about a month late, but congratulations, NIGHTkilla!

yeah!!!1 i want ur disk righ now XDDD ur da best!

greets from mexico!

We will miss you :(



y u give up techno for dumbstep?

i never gave up techno. i've just been concentrating more on dubstep and electro because i thought i'd be fun to try something new for awhile. Don't worry, I'll make techno again.

Nowhere else to put it but... you really need to make a new song!
I just got 100 subscribers and i need a new song to use in my milestone vid

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9J WChAT-QBI&feature=channel_video_t itle my new channel! :)