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Be sure to check out my page on Facebook! Also, if you would like to use and of my music for videos/ games, feel free to do so without asking. Just properly credit me :)

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AAAANNNNDDDD... Hes on hiatus again lol.

Not by choice, my friend. My accounting career has been taking away all of my free time for production. Trust me, if I could spend days working on music, I would do it in a heartbeat. I apologize to you and everyone for taking so long to get new music out. Unfortunately, my life has not been generous towards my affinity for music. :/

tbh fairydust is really really bad...but the rest are ok i guess...

Thanks man. Only the toughest ears can handle my music. If you were able to make it to the end of Fairydust, that's a nod of approval in my book. ;)

I have a question: Is the FL studios studios you have the $20 one?

Will you continue publishing audio on Newgrounds?

I pray for your good future. Rukkus/Nightkilla/Realistik, you are the best music creator I have ever known, and you sir, totally deserve an amazing succesful future! Wish you the best of luck for the futeure Rukkus! Stay awesome!

I look forward to your return yellow man!

Hey! I am just a newbie music artist (And I can say that with pride!) I am just wondering what your favorite chord progression that you have used is. I understand if you don't want to give that information up because it is vital to one's music. But I am just wondering! '3'
(I understand if you don't read this either XD)

How did you make that logo?

I hope you have a good rest of your life, and congrats on graduating from college :)

Are you ever gonna make songs again? I miss your dubstep tracks.

Yes. I miss you guys too much to not make music :) More to come soon...

a congrats to you for making awesome music <3

Thank you!

Your profile is really quiet... its not normal (I guess)

You're right. It's been uncomfortably quiet on this end. Time to bring the noise back...

Ohmygosh yay, I was really worried you left NG forever.
I've came to like so many of your songs. But I'm curios, why aren't you NK anymore?

Rukkus, you are one of the best dubstep artists on newgrounds imo.... I feel like you should make some tutorials or something on youtube that show your process of making tracks, how you design sounds, and how you create those accelerations in tempo while making them actually fit into the song perfectly. please!!! That would be completely AWESOME. :D

Hey dude, what happened? You've been down for almost a year. When will we get you back?

I've been checking your profile everyday and each day i think: "he's going to release his new track OMG OMGO MG MUST CHECK"

I think you'r more popular than guys like tombstone(excluding fnaf songs for obvious reasons) and you are an amazing artist. I first heard the maze while playing armor mayhem and spent 2 days trying to find more of your music, then spent 2 months straight, only listening to your music over and over

also, building on my last note, i would like to request a "im blue" remix. The song was really good, the voice was not as really good and now that your a celeb, i thought it would be cool to use your new found god powers of music to us.


Not gonna lie, I'm enjoying fairydust.. since I love fast-paced songs.

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