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Positive Vibe 2 coming soon...or later

Posted by Rukkus - June 28th, 2010

Hey everyone. As of now, I'm officially announcing Positive Vibe 2 as my next upcoming project. It will instead be titled "Positech" because Positive Vibe 2 is just too boring. So that might be good news for some of you, while bad news for others who are worried that I'll soil the original with a crappy redux. I will do my best to not let that be the case! Unfortunately, to ensure a good turnout, this means that production will take quite a bit of time and might turn into a summer long project. Thus, be expecting the release of my new song by early August. I'll still be posting a few side songs here and there for you guys, but just note that most of my effort and creativity will be going into "Positech". Thank You for your time everyone. See You in the Audio Portal!

Stephen Crouse

Comments (7)

Lol.. dude. I am so lucky to have 'freaking found you.(:
You have the most legit music I've ever heard. Thank
god I heard Postive Vibe somewhere, cause If I haven't
I'd be missing out on some really epic, and awesome
music that's 100% worth listening to. ^-^ Thanks so
much for posting up all your music. Goodluck on your
future songs! Keep up the good work. d(^_^d)!

I love pretty much all your music, so I don't see how a new version of positive vibe could be anything other than great. I doubt I could be disappointed by it, and the only downside is that you will be uploading less music because of your efforts going there, but it will be worth it.

One thing.DO NOT put in voice,i number 1 the voice sucked.
But thats the only downside.

Your music is great and Ive heard positive vibe and it was great. Cant wait to see the second one. Keep up the good work.

I know this is unrelated, but I made album artwork for your 2009 songs. <a href="http://charizard632.deviantart.com/art/NIGHTkilla-2009-Album-172810696">http://charizard632.deviantart.com/ar t/NIGHTkilla-2009-Album-172810696</a> I hope you like it! :)

haha that's awesome. Thanks a lot man. I'll be sure to use it for my first album

Anyways, I hope this song will add to the Dance Dance American Revolution meme.

Now this is worth getting excited about, I loved Positive Vibe so I'm probably going to love Positech just as much (if not more). I seriously love your music, just ask my mp3 player xD. can't wait =3