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New songs for a New Album

Posted by Rukkus - December 25th, 2010

Within the past month or so a lot has happened. For those of you who are unaware, I am no longer going to be posting my newer pieces on Newgrounds. I just think this whole voting thing is nonsense because, if you get bad ratings, then no one will hear you work... Therefore, I've relocated most of my music to other sites such as purevolume .com and soundcloud .com. You can find me there as
qbiq (NIGHTkilla).

I'm also sorry to inform you that the newer songs won't be free either because I'm now working with a promotion company called Luck Promotions. In order to get my new songs, they will hopefully be up to purchase on itunes and amazon soon.

Thank you for your time and I hope to see a lot you fans around the web!

Stephen Crouse

Comments (8)

I understand, but I have to have these songs! post them on itunes soon! Because I really like the new tracks! This is amazing, but also sad that you are not posting on newgrounds anymore, but GOOD LUCK! I hope you get promoted. I listened to all your music for a long time, and seen you gone so far with your music, and that will be cool if you become famous haha :D

Merry Christmas!

Happy holidays to you too!

Very Cool, ^-^ but I already knew this =P Well Qbiq ,previously known as NK, I'm Happy that your going to be making a revenue off of these songs =D can't wait till they are available. Keep up the fantastic work with the new stuff and you'll always have me hooked !

Haha cool! i'm not surprised though, cuz you make really good songs. i'll probably buy every single album you put on itunes XD. Well hope you do an excellent job!

Hey, NK...how is the luck productions thing is going? Are you posting Requiem at Dusk? or when are you going to post it on itunes. Because its a good song, i must have it!! lol

Requiem at Dusk will be released on itunes and amazon very soon as a single. I plan on pricing it at only 99cents because personally, i hate buying songs at $1.29 so i wouldnt expect my fans to do the same. Thanks a lot for the positive feedback though. I'm glad to see that you are eager to download it!

I'm Following U On SoundCloud Now Bro XD

You should do that, but you'd better show a promo on NG as a notice
I love your songs, yes i do ;)

Way to sell out.