New track.

2011-10-16 13:10:03 by Rukkus

New song I'm working on. check it out if you'd like!
EP will be coming out soon!
Sorry for the delays, school and such have been getting in the way.
~NK~ "Sweet Dreams"


Also, I have made a new facebook page! So go here: NIGHTkilla and like it!

New track.


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2011-10-20 01:23:31

nice, love your work! also nice logo


2011-11-03 01:34:42

like the logo! ;D


2011-11-16 09:19:03

no offence man your musics great but i realy wish you would do more techno and less dubstep. ofcourse my opinion never matters =P

Rukkus responds:

I hear you man. Someone else already pointed that out and I promised him that I never Left techno, I'm just doing some experimentation in other genres for awhile. Don't worry. There will be plenty of room for more techno in the future :P


2011-11-16 09:41:44

your music is so great i like your mix of dubstep, techno so its just electronic awesome beats cant wait to see the newer songs you make


2011-11-19 09:06:10

Just heard Blacklight, and it's awesome, kinda Skrillex-ish! Do you use NI Massive for the bass?


2011-11-23 14:33:50

you rip audio portal with dubstep, NEVER leave dubstep! it is getting more and more popular :)