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The CountDown...

Posted by Rukkus - December 22nd, 2011

Well, seeing as the recording label isn't be very professional with responding back to me or hasn't even proposed an official contract yet, I'm thinking that it is probably best to turn down their offer and release my EP album for free...
In my opinion I believe it is better this way because making money wasn't really on my mind anyways. This has always just been a hobby to entertain you guys and give us something cool to share.
SOoo, I'm going to give it until New Year's Day to wait for the label to respond or let me know what the deal is, if its still on or off idk... If no response by then, all of my music will be released for free on Newgrounds, Soundcloud, and Purevolume (except in smaller parts on NG since I can only upload 2 songs a day).
Now...Let the countdown begin!


Comments (8)

Looking forward to it!

I really believe you should wait. I will pay for it right now if presented the chance. Honestly, you've got such potential, don't put it under the "hobby" section. Live your dream man, go out there and blow people away!

sorry bro for the bad luck with the label yet...
i'm sure you will get another offer from a better recording label ;D

You should wait.
I would totally buy it. Your music is outstanding.

Find a new label? Your stuff is sick and I would be happy to pay you to listen to it! (and I'm terribly stingy haha) This is some of the best dubstep I've ever heard and you do have an incredible talent for it. I honestly want you to get a label so you can get paid so you can make more damn music for my ears! They're starving for more and you need to do this for a living to satisfy them.

How many songs are there going to be?

so did they respond to you

I'm no fanboy, but you know, you're good enough for a god-damn label, better than most dubstep I hear. I just want to say I download you're stuff (and vote 5!:P) very regularly, and I listen to it far more than I do UKF artists. IF you release it on a label, please just let us know so we can support you.

To the coolest dude on NG.