New alias!

2013-10-29 00:41:36 by Rukkus

Hey guys. If you're still trying to catch new, unreleased tunes from me, check out my new soundcloud page. I've changed my alias from NIGHTkilla to Realistik. Hope to see you there!




NK aka Realistik

New alias!


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2013-10-29 01:11:11

Much better name. Guess there's two Reals on NG now :P lol jk. I like your stuff.

Rukkus responds:

Thanks. Keeping it real ya know? haha. I appreciate the positive feedback though. Tom Fulp has been really supportive in my name change as well. So grateful to everyone!!!


2013-10-29 18:12:07

Shame, I was accustomed to NightKilla ... but hey, not bad this new name, ALSO THE NAME IS THE LESS, as long as you have that talent to your fans we like :3.=
que pena, me habĂ­a acostumbrado a NightKilla... pero bueno, no esta mal este nuevo nombre, ADEMAS EL NOMBRE ES LO DE MENOS, mientras sigas teniendo ese talento que a tus fans nos gusta :3


2013-10-29 19:14:37

we shall learn your new name, and call you by such.

- your fans.


2013-11-02 02:29:55

nightkilla y


2013-11-04 20:13:03

wort wort wort. for free.

Rukkus responds:

Don't worry, there will still be plenty of free tracks to come!


2013-11-30 11:03:26

What about your youtube channel? Will that stay as it is, or will you make a "Realistik" channel?

Rukkus responds:

I'm not sure if I'll change my existing NK channel or create a completely new one. I'll be sure to notify everyone on my final decision though!


2013-12-31 12:48:56 did you finish this?


2014-01-14 22:46:32

Well its going to be hard getting used to this name but hey, new year new name. keep up the good work.