New Alias (Last name change I promise!)

2014-07-20 17:41:02 by Rukkus

Hey guys,

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up. I am a very picky and indecisive person when it comes to how I present my music to the public. So I've decided to officially change my alias one last time to Rukkus. (Ruckus - a disturbance or commotion). With all of the bass I've been blasting out of my speakers, I think it's a pretty fitting name. Sorry for all of the confusion, but I promise you that I am very content with this new name and will not be changing it again for the rest of my music-producing career. Let me know your thoughts on the new alias. And as always, more music on the way!

Soundcloud link:

Facebook link:


Much love hommies,

Stephen (NIGHTkilla aka Realistik aka RUKKUS)



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2014-07-20 17:58:14

Sweet icon, broh


2014-07-21 04:18:11

I didn't like Realistik. Rukkus has a badass ring to it though... However, you will always be a killer to me >:)

Rukkus responds:

Me neither man. Time to cause some Rukkus. Killers forever brotha >:)


2014-07-21 07:14:20

Oh goddamnit, I though you were gone after changing your name to Realistik. At least I'm up to knowing what's up with your names this time.

Realistik was a really generic name anybody could have thought of. I have no idea what the thought process was when I figured my name years ago, but I've gotten a some remark about it that it sounds like "estrual" (ex-trullor), which by definition means "the period of heat or rut; the period of maximum sexual receptivity of the female."

So yeah, fuck.

Keep on making music. It ain't the best yet, but it's listenable.


2014-08-11 23:48:55

for me you are still nightkilla and will always be :P


2014-08-27 20:55:20

Anything we can do about that guy who committed copyright infringement on you?


2015-04-16 02:40:08

It's weird seeing people commenting "Good work Realistic!" Or "I like this, NightKILLA!"
All this name changing is making me tired (',' )zzZZ

Cool name tho!


2015-10-22 21:32:29

Whenever you get confused by an alias that a music producer makes, just go on their original websites and such. Everyone on YouTube keeps confusing all your aliases.


2017-10-03 20:36:52

Wow, I really want to know what is your real nickname because I have been searching your songs and I never found anything :(
But okay now I know what is your official nickname :D