Entry #23

What would I ever do without you guys?!

2015-06-11 04:34:31 by Rukkus

Hey everyone,

So I've kind of been on a hiatus from making music lately, especially after just graduating from college and trying to get the rest of my life started. However, I have not walked away from music production. There's still plently of unfinished projects chilling in my folders and I certainly aim to get them released and into your ears! 

In the meantime, I've also noticed that my exposure has increased significantly over the past few months due to the popularity of that game Geometry Dash, Open Hexagon, and a bunch of other indie video games. Honesty, it's a very humbling experience to gain so much support from all of you and I find it exciting to have my music featured in your games/videos. 

Due to the massive amounts of fan mail asking for permission to use my tracks, I just want to clarify that YES, you may absolutely use my music for your games and videos! Please just provide me with proper credit. 

Other than that, I just want to say thank you everyone for your encouragement and motivation. Without you, this hobby would be dead. But it's gratifying to know that my music brings joy to so many lives! Keep on jamming fam! Let's continue this journey together.

Keep up with me here:

facebook and soundcloud


-Stephen (Rukkus, NIGHTkilla, Realistik)




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2015-06-11 10:23:32

Congrats on the use of your songs as well as overwhelming flood of fans! I wish nothing but the best for ya :)

Rukkus responds:

Thanks a lot man!!


2015-06-13 01:34:47

I though I could be the first... Anyway, I appreciate your thanks, and I wanna say, you are welcome. And thank you, as well!

Rukkus responds:

Cheers bud!


2015-06-13 20:55:09

Welcome back! :) Looking forward to what love you can make to my ears.

Rukkus responds:

Thanks man! Its good to be back!


2015-06-21 12:08:50

Cant wait for new super-dupery badass drum- n dubstep of the realistic kind (get it) :D And congratulations on graduating from college and good luck with your future life ;)

Rukkus responds:

Thanks for the kind words pal!


2015-06-23 12:24:21

you are the dubstep king!!!! YOU MAKE THE BEST SONGS EVER!!!!

Rukkus responds:

lol thanks man.


2015-06-24 17:28:08

YOUR MUSIC IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rukkus responds:

Thank you! you are awesome!!!!


2015-06-26 18:05:41

If you're trying to "get the rest of your life started.", why not consider sending a demo to Monstercat and try to get a record label there?

Rukkus responds:

lol unfortunately I'm not good enough. No question about it. I appreciate the suggestion though. It's flattering.


2015-07-04 22:54:48

Well, you're music is awesome, so I'm not really that surprised. :D
Congratulations man!


2015-07-10 20:33:53

Almost 7 months, of no new songs from you and I'm waiting to have another song from you coz you are my idol, try to do a remix with this song,https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xmJeNcKJWD0.... all of us will love you so much.


2015-07-12 03:54:33

cough cough Nine Circles cough cough
When you mentioned geometry dash i instantly thought of an online level by the name nine circles
This turned into an extreme trend then came...
Fairydust The realistic (211) jawbreaker figures problematic astronaut 13 (your remix) and MANY MANY MANY MORE...
Personal thoughts:
Thanks for your music it is amazing to listen to it is like a trip to heaven with the catchy parts
and to hell (in a good way) for the best drops
Can i recommend a remix, if so:
Please Remix Dr. Phonics - Firepower
i wanna see you give it some more firepower LOL
Anyway... im going to remix some of ur songs


2015-07-12 14:20:02

You're AWESOME! Maybe you could make a track similar to Nine Circles? That world be AMAZING!


2015-07-17 19:39:17

you deserve it dude! your music is sick!


2015-07-29 13:48:59

Your music is awesome, really awesome. I wish you the best of luck in the future. And upload a new song soon please, i can't wait;) I honestly think you should be a famous-money-making-musician.


2015-08-04 01:39:06

Hey rukkus, like you mentioned, your songs are very popular in Geometry Dash now, but i think you should definitely talk to RopTopGames (creator of Geometry Dash) and see if one of your songs can make it into a future 'official level' (if you play Geometry Dash you should get what i mean ;) )


2015-08-11 19:26:50

What Music Program did you use to make this song?


2015-08-18 08:06:47

Glad to hear you're still around! I was getting a little worried that we wouldn't get any more of your great dubstep, so thanks for letting us know ;)


2015-08-22 00:13:18

Your musics >>>>>>


2015-09-08 13:46:07

You are awesome. Wanna hear your new tracks as soon as you can make them XD


2015-09-29 17:34:29

Woah! Stephen is back! I was waiting for you since I met you! Good luck with your life!


2015-10-15 21:39:23

I'm surprised, your music is the best, and you not be in the Tomorrowland scenario, you have to get there and your music is the best, I swear


2015-11-06 20:52:40

AAAANNNNDDDD... Hes on hiatus again lol.

Rukkus responds:

Not by choice, my friend. My accounting career has been taking away all of my free time for production. Trust me, if I could spend days working on music, I would do it in a heartbeat. I apologize to you and everyone for taking so long to get new music out. Unfortunately, my life has not been generous towards my affinity for music. :/


2015-11-17 19:07:35

tbh fairydust is really really bad...but the rest are ok i guess...

Rukkus responds:

Thanks man. Only the toughest ears can handle my music. If you were able to make it to the end of Fairydust, that's a nod of approval in my book. ;)


2015-11-27 21:42:11

I have a question: Is the FL studios studios you have the $20 one?


2015-12-08 10:56:52

Will you continue publishing audio on Newgrounds?


2015-12-24 00:00:05

I pray for your good future. Rukkus/Nightkilla/Realistik, you are the best music creator I have ever known, and you sir, totally deserve an amazing succesful future! Wish you the best of luck for the futeure Rukkus! Stay awesome!


2016-01-01 22:02:45

I look forward to your return yellow man!


2016-01-13 22:53:06

Hey! I am just a newbie music artist (And I can say that with pride!) I am just wondering what your favorite chord progression that you have used is. I understand if you don't want to give that information up because it is vital to one's music. But I am just wondering! '3'
(I understand if you don't read this either XD)


2016-01-29 16:12:57

How did you make that logo?


2016-02-04 20:44:44

I hope you have a good rest of your life, and congrats on graduating from college :)


2016-02-11 14:40:01

Are you ever gonna make songs again? I miss your dubstep tracks.

Rukkus responds:

Yes. I miss you guys too much to not make music :) More to come soon...


2016-02-12 20:43:16

a congrats to you for making awesome music <3

Rukkus responds:

Thank you!


2016-02-14 08:40:01

Your profile is really quiet... its not normal (I guess)

Rukkus responds:

You're right. It's been uncomfortably quiet on this end. Time to bring the noise back...


2016-02-15 03:11:25

Ohmygosh yay, I was really worried you left NG forever.
I've came to like so many of your songs. But I'm curios, why aren't you NK anymore?


2016-02-21 17:18:58

Rukkus, you are one of the best dubstep artists on newgrounds imo.... I feel like you should make some tutorials or something on youtube that show your process of making tracks, how you design sounds, and how you create those accelerations in tempo while making them actually fit into the song perfectly. please!!! That would be completely AWESOME. :D


2016-03-31 02:42:11

Hey dude, what happened? You've been down for almost a year. When will we get you back?


2016-04-18 21:08:57

I've been checking your profile everyday and each day i think: "he's going to release his new track OMG OMGO MG MUST CHECK"


2016-05-29 13:51:01

I think you'r more popular than guys like tombstone(excluding fnaf songs for obvious reasons) and you are an amazing artist. I first heard the maze while playing armor mayhem and spent 2 days trying to find more of your music, then spent 2 months straight, only listening to your music over and over


2016-05-29 13:54:23

also, building on my last note, i would like to request a "im blue" remix. The song was really good, the voice was not as really good and now that your a celeb, i thought it would be cool to use your new found god powers of music to us.


2016-05-29 13:55:26



2016-06-03 05:19:14

Not gonna lie, I'm enjoying fairydust.. since I love fast-paced songs.


2016-06-05 00:14:46

Hey Rukkus, I can't believe I've been a fan of yours for over a year now. But I have. You're (obviously) better or at least as good as Skrillex. But you haven't been putting music out or posting a news feed for almost a year. It's been a while. Well, summer's coming up and I'm looking forward to that. But what I want to say is that you'd get many fans if you're active.

PS: Your SoundCloud still has 69 tracks 8)


2016-06-12 00:12:08

What program do you use, I'm starting to get more interesting in creating dubstep and electronic but i don't know *any* software to use.


2016-06-19 12:14:05

Hey rukkus, the NK fam here is growing restless, your songs are the best dubstep I have heard, at least, and I miss your music /;3;/ The final choice is up to you, so don't stress mate. keep up the good work 8)


2016-06-21 20:40:09

I hope you're okay, we haven't heard from you for 4-5 months. ;-;


2016-06-25 14:46:20

So when u said this, it was the time 2 years ago ur latest song, but now it has been 3 years (1 year after u said this) and u still haven't made a song... I'm confused, because all of your other songs are about only 3 months apart, but now 3 years? Pls keep making music, and hopefully u come back


2016-06-25 14:48:21

I have been listening to ur music for 4 years now..


2016-07-29 14:42:53

you are awesome! you're, like, my favourite creator and the best thing is your music. You, in fact, got me into dubstep and i love your songs <3

Make sure to keep up the good work!


2016-08-11 19:27:25

YESSSS!!!!! I've been waiting to hear these words for almost a year :D


2016-08-22 05:33:29

i think my most favourite songs by you are:
Bass Down Low (your remix)


2016-08-23 01:23:38

After hearing your music for the first time playing Geometry Dash, I immediately checked your channel on newgrounds only to be disappointed that you no longer uploaded. Glad to see that soon I can listen to some fresh new audio. MY EARDRUMS ARE PREPARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111112123`2`~!`2`3`8