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Be sure to check out my page on Facebook! Also, if you would like to use and of my music for videos/ games, feel free to do so without asking. Just properly credit me :)

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Rukkus's News

Posted by Rukkus - June 22nd, 2011

Hey everyone, thank you guys so much for the #5 and #23 spots in the Best Tracks Ev
er List. AND thanks alot for the Best of the Week #2 spot. (for the third week in a row...) I really appreciate it!!! With All of your support and encouragement you have motivated me to keep pursuing my passion as a musician and gradually improve over the years. So once again...thanks.

As a little gift for you guys, I've decided to make one more song before I start saving my ideas for the Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch Tournament (if I pass the auditions lol) This is only a PREVIEW to the track because i havent finished it yet, but I hope you all enjoy what I've made so far.

P.S. Sorry to say, but you are not allowed to download the preview yet until the entire song is complete. But no worries, the full song will be free dl! :D

A fellow artist and Newgrounds member,

NIGHTkillaDev-BassDownLow (NIGHTkilla Remix)

Posted by Rukkus - June 11th, 2011

Hey everyone! I have some new goods for you all. If you haven't heard my new dubstep track "Take Me Away," then do so right now because its in the weekly top 5 ;D

Aside from that, I have ANOTHER new track for you guys. If you've been following me on purevolume as well, you may have heard a preview to my song "All At Once" a couple of months ago. Well, its finally finished! Here's the link. So be happy and enjoy the fresh sound of music! http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /426363


(BTW, i went to see SKRILLEX on June 6th in Hartford, CT at Webster Theater. It was insane. If SKRILLEX is coming to perform at an area near you, I highly suggest...no. I demand you buy tickets and go see him. You'll never forget such an incredible perfomance.)

Posted by Rukkus - April 29th, 2011

Hey everyone. Recently, I've been working on a new track called "All at Once" for my new album. There is a preview posted on my Purevolume page. I appologize, but this track won't be free to download UNTIL after I finish the whole song. So its WILL be free...when its done ;) Anyways, I really hope you guys enjoy it because I've been experiments with a few new techniqes and melodies. Here's the link! (remove the space!)

http://www.pure volume.com/qbiqNIGHTkilla


Posted by Rukkus - April 11th, 2011

Hey everyone, I'd like to introduce you to a close friend and teammate of mine. He's been putting a lot of effort into his music and I think he's got quite a bit of talent. With only a few months of training under his belt, he's released several phenomenal tracks. For those of you who aren't familiar with him yet, get started because we'll probably see plenty more of him in the future. This is my apprentice, D~J.Fantasy...

check out his stuff here and give him a nice warm welcome to NG!

Posted by Rukkus - March 7th, 2011

I've come to realize that I really don't care about making money from my music. I wouldn't have gotten this far without you guys anyways, so why stop now. I've just released my two newest tracks "Requiem at Dusk" and "Into the Light" on here for everyone to enjoy. So forget itunes/amazon, Newgrounds is my home.


Posted by Rukkus - March 4th, 2011

Hey everone, check out my new songs "Requiem at Dusk" and "Into the Light" on my purevolumhttp://www.purevolume. com/qbiqNIGHTkillae page at (remove spaces). Hope you enjoy!!!


Posted by Rukkus - December 25th, 2010

Within the past month or so a lot has happened. For those of you who are unaware, I am no longer going to be posting my newer pieces on Newgrounds. I just think this whole voting thing is nonsense because, if you get bad ratings, then no one will hear you work... Therefore, I've relocated most of my music to other sites such as purevolume .com and soundcloud .com. You can find me there as
qbiq (NIGHTkilla).

I'm also sorry to inform you that the newer songs won't be free either because I'm now working with a promotion company called Luck Promotions. In order to get my new songs, they will hopefully be up to purchase on itunes and amazon soon.

Thank you for your time and I hope to see a lot you fans around the web!

Stephen Crouse

Posted by Rukkus - November 26th, 2010

Hey everyone. I've recently just released a new song called "Nightfall". It's my first full dubstep track that i've ever submitted, but also my last. For all of my techno fans out there, don't worry, I already have a new techno beat in the works! But for now, try taking a step in a new direction and hopefully you'll come to enjoy this piece. Feel free to leave feedback.

http://www.newgrounds. com/audio/listen/378965
remove space ^

NIGHTkilla Scrouse

Posted by Rukkus - October 14th, 2010

Hey guys. Just letting you all know that I have recently created an account on purevolume and will be posting some of my newer music on there as well, so keep a look out. My account name is qbiq (NIGHTkilla). Hope to see some of you fans on there!


Posted by Rukkus - July 31st, 2010

Hey everyone. I guess as i've grown old and matured over the years, i've come to realize that the name "NIGHTkilla" isn't very welcoming lol. It sounds like some sort of creeper that stalks people at night...SO, i'm notifying you all that my name will soon be changed to "qbiq", like cubic. I thought that it was pretty original and classy, but i'll let you decide. Either way, start getting used to looking up that name in the audio portal soon because that's where all of my new music will be! Thanks for your time.
NIGHTkilla => QbiQ