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Hey everyone. As of now, I'm officially announcing Positive Vibe 2 as my next upcoming project. It will instead be titled "Positech" because Positive Vibe 2 is just too boring. So that might be good news for some of you, while bad news for others who are worried that I'll soil the original with a crappy redux. I will do my best to not let that be the case! Unfortunately, to ensure a good turnout, this means that production will take quite a bit of time and might turn into a summer long project. Thus, be expecting the release of my new song by early August. I'll still be posting a few side songs here and there for you guys, but just note that most of my effort and creativity will be going into "Positech". Thank You for your time everyone. See You in the Audio Portal!

Stephen Crouse


2010-03-13 13:10:34 by Rukkus

Hey guys, just letting you all know that I'm remaking Spaceman from the ground up, it been a long process so far, but there's still much more that needs to be done. For now, that's my newest project, along with a song for Avascar's game. Looking forward to finishing this song.

Writer's Block

2009-06-19 16:04:52 by Rukkus

It's that time of year again. Besides all of the unfinished songs i have lying around in my folder, i won't be developing new material any time soon. I'm going to take a break from Newgrounds for awhile, but i'll come back with something groundbreaking, Don't worry! Take care.