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Very sweet track man. As soon as the grime groove slipped in, i was hooked. I've recently started looking into dubstep myself and this piece is definately something to aspire to. Great job.

mr-jazzman responds:

Hey man, thanks! I might even revamp this one a little more too! I'm gonna make it unstoppable lol! Glad you'll keep this one in your heart broski! =)

Pretty Good

I can definately hear the bass pumping on my new speakers lol. The beat is quite catchy and has a good rhythm to it. The only thing that needs a little work in the main melody cause there's not a climax that really stands out. Overall though, i enjoyed listening to the song and i'll be sure to check out more of your music. Btw, for my airy synths i use vst's such as Nexus, Vanguard, and Z3ta.

Keep up the good work man,

Great Job!

The feeling of tension throughout this whole piece is absolutely gripping. I don't understand why you don't send you work to like movie/ video game producers. This is definately top notch.

Thanks for another great score!

Gravey responds:

Thanks. The kind words are appreciated my friend. :-)


Nice work!

Hey man, great job on this song. The melody is extremely catchy and love how you mixed rock with electro. I'd say this is on the professional level, especially after hearing it played in Enigmata.

Great job 10/10

MashedByMachines responds:

yay thanks :D

You actually DId it!

Lol wow, im so overjoyed that you actually turned this into a full song. This beat is so dirty. Thanks youuu. :P
5/5, 10/10, fav'd


Holy cow.

This is like Hanz Zimmer combined with John Williams combined with Martin O'donnel. The quality and composition of this song is amazing as usually. Im not surprised that im surpised again by your music. What program did u use to make this piece, or do you just have an entire orchestra in your garage?

5/5 10/10

Gravey responds:

Well now, let's not get ourselves carried away here. The names above are slightly out of my league. (I would put Garry Schyman up there with them as well.) ;-)

But it does make me feel good to know that some form of my music captures the style that those composers have perfected. Gives me hope that one day I too could write something along the lines of epicness that they seem to capture with ease.

Thanks for the review.


There it is...

It's been so long since you've last submitted a full track lol, but this is incredible. The way you make your lead synth is so dirty, as well as the bass kick. Not really anything wrong i can find. I just can't wait for the full version. Great job so far, you never disappoint.



Its been quite some time since ive listened to your work and this is handsdown my favorite piece of yours. The melody flows so nicely and the instruments/ percussion mix perfectly together. This seems like you could have vocals to it. But overall, nice job, i enjoyed it very much.

Gravey responds:

Ah, I never thought about adding vocals. I have a nifty array of choir and soloist samples at my disposal, and I like the idea. I'll look into it and see if I come up with anything I like. Thanks for the idea. :-)


Pretty Serious...

Nice song man, very catchy. I can't wait to hear the vocals.

ephixa responds:

Cool. Thanks.


It's been sooooo long since you've last submitted anything lol. But i am really enjoying this song. Its extremely uplifting and the perfect length. I'm liking the the bee bop melody near the end. I think ill bounce along to this tune for the rest of the day! 5/5 10/10

Great job man, Make MORE

Michael425 responds:

Yeah, I should have submitted some stuff sooner. I hate getting bogged down with half finished songs. I'm glad you liked this one man. I'll keep em coming along. Thanks for the review.


Be sure to check out my page on Facebook! Also, if you would like to use and of my music for videos/ games, feel free to do so without asking. Just properly credit me :)

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