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Omg, this is amazing

To be honest i have never heard any of your songs or remixes before, but now i am a huge fans of yours lol. This song is so catchy and the way your remixed it is wonderful. Thank you so much for making this! I can finally find more good music to look forward to.

Awsome Job! 5/5, 10/10 Fav.

aka DJ-C

Kr1z responds:

Awesome review, thank you!

Kick ass man.

Wow Dude, your songs just keep getting better and better!

The tune is so sick and the variety of background tunes keeps the song fresh so the tune never gets repetative. The bass is amazing, i cant believe how great it sounds lol. This piece is definately one of my favorites!

Also I love the beat that kicks in at 00:25, that's where things really get intense.

I love it all too much. Good Job man! It's always a pleasure to listen to your music.


Michael425 responds:

ha, that's my goal man. I hope that my songs will continue to get better.

I have to agree that the beats at 25 are pretty awesome. I've never really made any beats like this one.

Thanks for the great review man.

A bright future ahead!

Hurray! a whole new set of songs to look forward too! These are all amzing dude. I love the melodies and synths you use because they always set the perfect mood to party too. I cant wait to hear the full version of all of these songs lol. Oh and btw, when are u gonna complete "Set me Free"? That's the song that i am the most eager for.
-Nothing but perfection ever comes from u. Keep it up!

So peaceful and mellow.

Dude, as soon as i heard the keyboard at the start, i loved this song. The beat is very catching and relaxing, every bit of this song is so enjoyable. Then, when the snare drums came in, the song just kept getting better. Great job dude. All of your songs are amazing. You have a lot of talent, keep up the good work.
-Respect from a fellow DJ,

dj-KDUB responds:

wow. thanks for the very detailed review! this is what i was looking for. im really glad you enjoyed it. you've got some pretty amazing skill yourself. we should collab sometime :)

Brings tears to my eyes.

Omg dude, you've done it again. The beat, the sounds, the instruments...all wonderfully combined to make this song so beautiful. I find the part at 1:31 so incredible it gives me goosebumps! lol. This is truely your best song yet and my new favorite song on NG. Congradulations dude, you have created yet another masterpiece.
-your friend,
NIGHTkilla aka DJ-C

Michael425 responds:

I'm glad you liked all the aspects of this song man.

I definitely experimented with a lot of new sounds.

1:31 = My favorite part.

Thanks for the review.

My new favorite song.

With the extenuating amount of time put into this song, i must say that it was totally worth it. Yet another unique song by you! Outstading characteristics of this song: The studdering notes, the piano in the intro and in certain verses throughout, the 8bit effects, and the tune itself. All of the components are what make this song addicting. Once again, thanks for sharing this great song with us, I'll be looking forward to hearing many more from you.

Envy responds:

Thank you nightkilla!

Pretty sick.

This is very cool. Although im not really a fan of 8 bit songs, it kinda reminds me of the old days when i played Saga Genesis or the NES. Great job dude. This compilation of songs is awsome.


This is by far my favorite rock song on newgrounds! Im so excited to hear the last two pieces. Ive loved these songs ever since the intro. Great job man, you have a lot of talent. Thanks for sharing it with everyone!


The sound of that piano is amazing and it fits the tune very well. Great job again! Keep 'em comin.


Nice man! I could totally rock out to this at a party or in my car.

Be sure to check out my page on Facebook! Also, if you would like to use and of my music for videos/ games, feel free to do so without asking. Just properly credit me :)

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